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Fanion RC Alba Iulia

Purchase and installation of medical equipment at the Maria Beatrice Center, Alba Iulia, Romania - Global Grant


This project aims to deliver a major upgrade of medical equipment for neuromotor and osteoarticular rehabilitation for children in a local daycare institution, the Maria Beatrice Centre, Alba Iulia.

The envisioned equipment will significantly broaden the range of services delivered in a single location and will have beneficial effects not only in the therapy of young patients, but also on their families


Who will benefit

The primary beneficiary are children suffering from neomotor and osteoarticular diseases, along with their families . They are infants and children (6 months to 18 years old) suffering from severe temporary or permanent disabilities, be these inborn or acquired, as well as the post-trauma rehabilitation of children involved in accidents.

The intended equipment will allow the Maria Beatrice center in Alba-Iulia to provide these patients with therapy and care that cannot be achieved with the equipment currently in place.



The primary deliverable of the project is medical equipment relevant to therapies in the neuromotoric and osteoarticular diseases for children. In detail, the project aims to deliver the following:

  • One therapy combination with low and medium frequency current
  • One magneto-therapy combination apparatus
  • One system for spasm detection and correction
  • Four treatment benches
  • Two BOBATH kineto-couches
  • Systems for multi-sensory (visual, olfactory and psychomotor) stimulation
  • One Dehumidifier for indoor swimming pools
  • One underwater showers
  • One thermo-therapy lamp
  • One air cleaning and disinfection system
The Center already possesses highly skilled and dedicated personnel with practical experience on similar equipment ranging from 1 to 5 years. The professional trainers of the Center will secure together with Assist International staff the proper continuous training of doctors,teachers and nurses in the use and maintenance of the equipment.

As part of this project, the Rotary Club Alba Iulia will be directly involved in planning, development, implementation and on-going follow-up for all aspects of the project.

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International Partners

We are currently searching for international partners.

Romanian Partners

  • Rotary Club Civitas Solis Alba Iulia
  • Rotary Club Floare de Colt Abrud
  • Rotary Club Aiud
  • Rotary Club Teius
  • Rotary Club Blaj
  • Rotary Club Deva
  • Rotary Club Hateg
  • Rotary Club Barlad
  • Rotary Club Timisoara
  • Rotary Club Baia Mare
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The envisioned budget for this project is 40 000 Euro = 45 100,45 USD (19.05.2016)

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More info on Maria Beatrice Center on :


- Maria Beatrice Project Draft